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Friday, August 19, 2011

It's DMT Time - Featuring FIREWORKS Ink Sprays - Demo #2 !

 Hey Dominoians!  
It's time for my 2nd demo using this month's featured DominoART Monthly Technique (DMT) I'm calling D'ART FIREWORKS Backgrounds!

We're playing with a new product called FIREWORKS by Tsukineko!  Fireworks are an iridescent ink that come in spritzer bottles and the 24 available colours match the 24 Memento ink pads!  Check out the full range of colours at Blockheads Paper Arts and at $3.99 a bottle you can get a couple of colours to play with!
Check out Demo #1 if you missed it!

 This month's DMT Technique is called D'ART FIREWORKS Backgrounds!

You've got all month to play and experiment with the Fireworks Sprays. Then near the end of the month I will take sign-ups for the DMT Mingle so you can exchange one Fireworks altered domino with your assigned Mingle Partner. You can totally sign-up now if you want to too!

If you want to experiment with this technique but don't want to join the Mingle that is totally okay, you can still play along with us and share photos and info about your experiments.

Mingles are 1 for 1 swaps where you mail one creation directly to your Mingle Partner and receive one back from a different member. You will know who your Mingle Partner is when I announce the final players list at the end of the month.

I will be uploading the Photos of the technique into the DMT Photo Album with instructions on the DominoART group as well as posting the info here.

I will also host a mini DMT demo discussion in the DominoART Chat Room so stay tuned for the date and time announcement!

Email me or post on DominoART or leave a comment here on our new blog if you have any questions or want to join the DMT: D'ART FIREWORKS Backgrounds Mingle!
Now for my 2nd D'ART Fireworks Background Technique demo!

I'm still using  Danube Blue and Grape Jelly Fireworks for this demo.

We're going for a more mottled pastel background this time so I randomly spritzed first the blue ink and then the purple ink onto the domino.  Again the domino is just brand new straight out of the tin, so the surface is shiny and smooth.

I spritzed a lot more ink onto the domino this time round but as you can see in the pic there's still a lot of domino showing through though.  The domino looks cream in the above pic for some reason but it's definitely still the white one pictured below.

After spritzing both colours onto the domino I took a piece of scrunched up paper towel and dabbed at the ink, spreading it around more and creating the mottled pastel effect.  You can spritz a bit more of a particular colour if you need to at this point and then just dab at the surface again until you're happy with it.
click on the photo to enlarge
Then next step is to heat set the inks with an embossing tool.
The result is a mottled pastel background that looks similar to the Polished Stone technique but these inks still have that yummy iridescent shimmery look to them that's oh so magical even in the pastel form.  I'm thinking a fairy image would look stunning on this domino!  Stamp the image onto the domino with Ancient Page dye ink and then heat set again.  To maintain the integrity of the background this time seal the domino with Krylon spray sealers.  I did some tests and it's best to first gently spray it with Krylon Artist's Workable Fixative and then gently spray with either a matte or gloss sealer.  Do a couple of light coats of each and avoid over saturating coz the concentrated liquid will make it blur/bleed.

So that concludes DMT:  D'ART FIREWORKS Background Techniques Demo #2.  I have one more FIREWORKS demo to come so stay tuned!

Domino Hugs!
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