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Crypt of Scarefests Past

Archive of DominoART's 31 Days of Halloween and 15 Days of Terror - Half-O-Ween in May!

15 Days of Terror 2015

Terror-ific Players of 2015

31 Days of Halloween 2014

Half-O-ween in May 2014
Petrifying Players List

1st place sponsored by Lost Coast Designs
and 2nd & 3rd place sponsored by Smeared Ink

We celebrate Half-O-Ween in May with 13 Petrifying Featured Projects!

15 Days of Terror - Petrying Players!

  • May 1: Leigh S-B, The Sharpie Domino Queen
  • May 3: DominoARTist Val S
  • May 5: DominoARTist Black Dragon
  • May 7: Serafeena
  • May 9: Julia Vasquez
  • May 11: Lyneen J
  • May 13: Serafeena
  • May 15: Karen McAlpine
  • May 17: Karen McAlpine
  • May 19: DominoARTist Black Dragon
  • May 21: Sandy A
  • May 23: Julia Vasquez
  • May 25: Serafeena
  • May 27: DominoARTtist Val S
  • May 29: Leigh S-B, The Sharpie Domino Queen

31 Days of Halloween 2013
Scarefest started on DominoART on Oct 1 on the Day 1 post!
 But if you want to start the Smeared and Smudged 31 Days of Halloween blog hop then start here on Terra's blog!

 1st place prize was sponsored by the wickedly fabulous

2nd and 3rd place prizes were sponsored by  

They're a company that you may not be familiar with and I'm excited to be introducing you to them coz you're going to LOVE their Instead-A-Glove and Molding Putty products!


31 Days of Halloween 2012 
was proudly Sponsored by

Blockheads Paper Arts
Grand Prize of a $50 Gift Certificate!
$13 Gift Certificates 
for the 2nd and 3rd place prizes!


31 Days of Halloween 2011
**Congrats Sandra Y** - The winner of 31 Days of Halloween 2011 
 Congratulations to the following participants who all tied into the TOP 3 with the most votes!

Day 4 - Skeleton Domino Book by Sandra Y
Day 16 - Ouija Board Domino Necklace by Pilar F
Day 17 - Domino Book by JoAnne
Day 19 - Vintage Domino Pick by Charlotte
Day 20 - Book of Halloween Domino Book by Evelyne
Day 24 - Spider Domino Necklace by Jennifer
Day 28 - Witch's Secret Force Vessel also by Jennifer
Day 31 - Keeper of Lost Souls by Leigh S-B - thanks for voting on my creation too ;0)
    Domino Hugs!

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