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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Finale of 31 Days of Halloween - "Keeper of Lost Souls" Super-sized Mixed Media Domino Sculpture by Leigh S-B!

 It's Day 31 of our Spooktacular 31 Days of Halloween extravaganza!

I hope everyone has enjoyed checking out all the DominoART eye-candy all month long!
It has been a real treat and I want to thank everyone for sharing their wonderful DominoART creations with us!  Each project is listed by day in the left hand sidebar if you've missed some projects.  Just click on the artist's name and the link will take you straight to the featured project!

During the first week of November I will be hosting a 31 Days of Halloween Contest!  Every single featured project will be entered into the contest and the winner will receive a prize sponsored by me ;0)  I will be creating a Poll on the DominoART Yahoo group and here on the DominoART blog for you to vote for your favourites.  I will then tally the 2 polls and announce the winner so stay tuned!

So without any further delay here's the grand finale creation for Day 31 of Halloween by me!

Keeper Of Lost Souls

 The Keeper of Lost Souls is a Nature Goddess and she protects the souls of people who have left this world but they're missing and are still waiting to be found by their loved ones.
This is an eerie mixed media sculpture that incorporates a skeleton with an altered super-sized domino and is a Third Coast Creative Coterie design team project.

I used a portion of the gorgeous rubber stamp image called Bromberrie's Web (VW-019-N) available from Third Coast Rubber Stamps which can be found in the Summer 2006 catalog.  Isn't she stunning!!

Bromberrie's Web (VW-019-N) by Third Coast Rubber Stamps
Adirondack Lights Alcohol Inks:  Lake Mist, Cool Peri and Juniper
Alcohol Inks Applicator Tool
StazOn Jet Black ink pad
Super-sized domino
Sharpie markers - Lilac and Dandelion
Colorless Blender Design Art Marker
White Air Dry Modeling Clay
Inkssentials Matte Accents
Skeleton - Michaels
Crafter's Pick The Ultimate glue
Craft wire
Heat It embossing tool

 I used a super-sized domino as the central part of my sculpture and removed the decals on the front of the domino with a Colorless Blender Design Art Marker.  This marker contains Xylene so please make sure you use it in a well ventilated area to avoid breathing in the fumes!  Super-sized dominoes are 1.5 x 2.5 inches in size and say super-sized on the tin - don't confuse them with the jumbo dominoes!

 Apply three different Adirondack Alcohol Inks to the entire domino (front, back and sides) to create a polished stone effect.  I started with Lake Mist as the main foundation colour and then added small amounts of Cool Peri and Juniper.  The overall effect looks like lichen and moss on stone.
I then applied a coat of Inkssentials Matte Accents to the entire domino and let it dry.  I prefer to seal the domino before stamping the image to ensure I get a good stamped impression.

Stamp the image onto the domino with Jet Black StazOn ink and heat set.

Stamp the sides of the domino with different sections of the foliage from the left side of the stamp image and heat set.

I added small touches of colour to just the flowers in Bromberrie's hair and one of two flowers on the sides of the domino with Lilac and Dandelion Sharpie markers then applied another coat of matte sealer to protect the image.

The 'front' of the domino where the decals were is now the back of the piece and I left that side unstamped.  I assembled the skeleton arms and legs and secured the arms together with wire and did the same to the legs.  I attached them to the back of the domino with small pieces of painter's tape while I applied a coat of The Ultimate glue to the back of the domino and then molded a back for the piece from air dry clay to hide and secure the leg and arm joints to the domino.  The glue helps adhere the clay to the domino.  I left the clay the natural colour coz it matches the colour of the bones.  Let the clay dry and then adhere the skull to the domino with The Ultimate Glue and you're done.  The sculpture could also be a hanging ornament too and all you would need to do is embed a hook in the clay before it dries.

 So that concludes our 1st DominoART 31 Days of Halloween extravaganza!  
This will now be an annual event so keep your beady eyes out for 31 Days of Halloween 2012!!

Best Witches for a spooktacular Halloween Everyone!

Domino Hugs!



  1. Oh my this is spooky but spooktacular done!

    Val S.

  2. Fabulous. I love it.

  3. Keeper of lost souls cracked me up! Then I scrolled down and saw all the steps you did on your domino she if stunningly beautiful!

  4. Ya, I know I am a couple years late, but I am loving these posts and have to visit them all!

  5. OH MY GOSH this is AWESOME... what a fun hop.... Thanks for all the inspiration this month... I have loved it!!!


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