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Friday, October 28, 2011

Day 28 of 31 Days of Halloween - 'Witch's Secret Force Vessel' by Jennifer W!

Hello Stampers!

It's Day 28 of 31 Days of Halloween and Jennifer W, a member of our DominoART Yahoo Group,  joins us again today to plunge us into the mystical world of a Witch and her Secret Force Vessel.

 Jennifer says:
"Today I have a Witch's Secret Force Vessel to share with you. This is a very special container forged from the witch's bloodstone, created to hold her special power once she has moved on to the next plane. To create this vessel the very stone from the table which the witch worked til her fingers bled, toiled, and practiced her magic is carved into small slabs and formed into the vessel shortly before her demise. A spell is cast upon it calling the witch's spirit into it and then it seals shut, storing her life force for eternity. This box was found deep within a witch's cave still clutched in her hand, although many have tried no one has been able to separate the two.

Ok, so it is a box made from dominoes but I thought it was a pretty cool idea. It takes eight dominoes and Amazing Goop adhesive to assemble the box. I took henna colored Ancient Page ink and distressed the edges, then using a brown and tan fine point bic marker I did hash marks all around the edges of each domino and then inked over them with the henna.

For the lid I stamped Secret Force in runes from Third Coast Rubber Stamps in henna, colored with the hash marks and distressed over it all.

Next came the heat gun to dry and set the ink, then I took a Versa Dazzle Champagne ink pad and wet the side of the box and sprinkled a bit of UTEE (just a sugaring, it gives it a cool bubbly texture). Heat set the embossing powder and move on to the next side. I did the same thing with the lid. Afterward I hit the whole thing with some Rust-oleum crystal enamel and allowed it to dry.

On the under side of the lid I positioned some sticky flat back pearls to keep it from sliding around too much.

TIP:  Skull hands:  You can pick up the hands from a party supply store, they have them listed on amazon.com too.  Just attach it with the goop and you have a spooky prop."
Stay tuned for Day 29 coz Charloltte F is back to share another one of her cauldron concoctions!

Domino Hugs!



  1. A fun idea. Love it.

  2. Very different! Great story.

    Val S.

  3. LOVE the post... What fun!!!! I am loving all the inspiration!!!


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