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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Day 8 of 31 Days of Halloween - WitchyBoo Nightmare Catcher by Leigh S-B The Sharpie Domino Queen!

 Happy Day 8 of DominoART's 31 Days of Halloween!

Today I'm sharing a project I designed a few years ago for Leigh's Altered World of Game Pieces which was a featured part of The Stamper's Mall monthly ezine.


Super-sized white domino
Rubber Stamps:
Cat face - partial image by Sonlight
Man with clock - source unknown
Black cats - source unknown
Dancing skeletons - source unknown
Graveyard Ghost - PSX
Halloween balloon - portion of a cat stamp by Penny Black
Adirondack Alcohol Inks:  Butterscotch, Lettuce, Caramel, Terracotta
Ancient Page dye ink pads:  Coal Black, Lemon Peel, Mandarin and Chocolate dye
Squiggle and triangle confetti
Opaque orange and Black seed beads
Mini domino bead
20 and 24 gauge black wire
Black feathers, chenille stems (2 kinds) and Felt
Aleene's Fast Grab glue
Judikins Diamond Glaze
Black Sharpie
Stipple brush
Krylon Artist's Workable Fixative
Round nose pliers and Wire cutters
Brass paw charms
PrismaColor Pencils
White cardstock
Black/Silver chain
Scrap piece of ribbon
Glue Dot strips
Mini black brad
Piece of gold fiber
Tiny hole punch
Alphabet beads

The Kitty Domino Doll!

For this project you're going to need a super-sized domino straight from the tin, no surface preparation is needed.  Alter the domino with Alcohol Inks and an Ink Applicator to create the Polished Stone effect.  Colour the sides and a narrow border on the front of the domino (side with the dots) with a black Sharpie marker.  Seal the domino with a coat of Krylon Artist's Workable Fixative.  Randomly glue squiggle and triangle confetti onto the polished stone surface to add a bit of sparkle.

Cut a length of 20 gauge black wire and wrap it around the sides of the domino to form a basic frame for the 'Nightmare Catcher'.  Wire wrap the spokes of the web in 20 gauge wire.  Make sure it fits snuggly around the domino and then wrap the two ends of the wires together at the base of the
domino.  Remove the frame and create the filigree of the web with 24 gauge wire.  Randomly thread on orange seed beads as you form the web.  Don't cut off the excess wire yet!  Now wrap black feathers around the frame and secure them in place with the 24 gauge wire.  I made sure I finished adding the feathers at the top of the domino because I then attached the chenille stem 'arms' and a chenille loop to the top of the domino with the same wire.

To make the arms I used a stem of black chenille that varies in size from thin to thick and then again.  I cut it so that I had to puffy sections and to thin sections (thin being the wrist parts).  I then bent it in the middle and attached it to the domino.  I also formed a loop with a regular chenille stem to form the armature for the cat's head.

 I inked the cat face portion of a stamp with black dye ink and stamped it onto white cardstock.  I coloured the face with PrismaColor color pencils and cut out the face.  Edge the sides of the cut out and colour the back with a black Sharpie.  I also added a bit of detail to the image with a
black Sharpie.  Then coat the entire face with a thin layer of Judikins Diamond Glaze.

Measure out a length of black/Silver craft chain for the legs of the doll and cut with wire cutters.  Wire wrap paw charms to the ends of the chain and attach the tops to the web frame.  Push a paw charm onto the end of each chenille arm and loop the ends of the wire back with pliers to secure the
charms in place.

Add a loop of chain to the top of the web frame so the doll can be a hanging decoration.  Embellish the base of the web with the word 'BOO' in alphabet beads by attaching them with wire.  Run a thin line of Fast Grab glue around the sides of the domino and press the web frame onto the domino, pressing the wire to ensure a snug fit and let it dry.

Adhere the cat face to the chenille loop at the top of the domino with Fast
Grab glue and let it dry.


The Nightmare Book!

Cut a piece of white cardstock slightly smaller than the size of the domino and accordion fold into four sections.  Stamp the images with black dye ink. Colour by stippling dye inks onto the cardstock with a stipple brush.  Add a bit of detail to make some of the images stand out more than others with a black Sharpie.  Edge the decorated side and colour the reverse with a black Sharpie - you don't need to colour the entire side black, just the edges that are visible when the book is folded.  Punch a tiny hole into the right hand side of the front cover and attach a mini black brad - this is the closure for the book.  Then glue a piece of scrap ribbon over the spine of the book for a more finished look.

Press a glue dot strip to the middle of the domino and adhere a length of gold fiber to it - the tail of the fiber must stick out the left hand side of the domino.  Add a small amount of Fast Grab glue to the back cover of the book and adhere to the domino and let it dry.  The gold fiber then loops around the brad a few times to close the book.  Embellish the fiber end with 2 black seed beads and a chunky white bead that looks like a little domino.

Now the kitty needs a witch's hat to be a witch.....

Cut a witch hat shape out of piece of black felt.  Cut a matching triangle out of the same felt and glue the two pieces together with Fast Grab glue and embellish with a squiggle confetti.  The little witch hat then slots over one of the cat's ears.

This Kitty Domino Doll is now officially a WitchyBoo Nightmare Catcher
complete with a mini book of all the nightmares she's rescued us from!  
Pleasant dreams :0)

Stay tuned for Day 9 to see what Sheryl G has cooked up in her cauldron for you!

Domino Hugs!



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Domino Hugs!
Leigh S~B

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