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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Day 27 of 31 Days of Halloween - 'Frankenstein' Mixed Media Creation by Betsy!

Howzit Stampers!

It's Day 27 of Halloween and Betsy, who is a member of our DominoART Yahoo Group, joins us today to share her freakish mixed media 'Frankenstein' collage!

Betsy altered the mini dominoes by adhering a gold napkin to them with a glue stick and also added a tiny bit of blue paint on some of the edges which you might be able to see in some spots if you click on the photo to enlarge it.  She then sealed the dominoes with Judikins Diamond Glaze.  She embellished the dominoes with red string which is thread used to sew luggage.

The Frankenstein image is a napkin (from ppd) glued on top of a collage from an old joke book, a 1956 library book with aged yellow paper which tears easily.

The "prepare yourself" in the monster's forehead was serendipitously part of the text from the book.

Betsy says her collage was placed on a large dark blue book.

Stay tuned for Day 28 coz Jennifer W is back to share another one of her cauldron concoctions!

Domino Hugs!



  1. Is this one by Betsy Budney, Well done unusually different!

    Val S.

  2. Wow Frank is AWESOME... Great collage!!!!


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