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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New DMT Challenge for March - The D'ART Stenciling Technique!

Greetings Dominoians!

It's time for March's DMT which stands for DominoART's Monthly Technique!
This month I challenge you to try using a stencil or a template to create a design on a domino or any other similar game tile!  I'm calling this one the "D'ART Stenciling Technique".

Play around with all the possibilities and have fun experimenting with this concept.  Then create something with your altered game tile - add it to a card, a tag, an ATC or make a piece of jewelry with it.  Then share your experience and project photos on the DominoART Yahoo Group or the DominoART Facebook Page.

If you have a blog and post your project there then please use the inlinkz button below to share your project with us all here on the DominoART Blog - you must mention the D'ART Stenciling Technique Challenge and link back to us here!  It's a text only set up so no thumbnail pics will appear.  Please only use the direct URL to your project and not just a general link to your home page, any general links will be removed.

If we get enough interest in this months DMT then I will have a prize up for grabs!
So please come and play with us, the more the merrier!
Here's my project featuring the Mini Numbers Collage Template by Crafter's Workshop which was provided by Blockheads Paper Arts.

Numerology DominoART Card

The theme for my DominoART card is Numerology which is a branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers.  I had a ball playing around with the various elements and think this card would be suitable for someone who is into Numerology or just as an all occasion card.  You could really personalize it to a number or a date that is significant like a birthday, anniversary or a graduation date.  The possibilities truly are limitless!

Trace the outline of the Mini Numbers Collage onto the domino with an ultra fine black Sharpie marker and colour in the numbers.  You don't have to use a Crafter's Workshop Template for this challenge.  Just experiment with any kind of stencil or template you have already but you might want to check out all the awesome Crafter's Workshop Templates available from Blockheads Paper Arts though coz they've got some really nice ones ;0)

Apply metallic silver Rub-ons cream to the sides and the edge of the domino and seal with a couple of light mistings of Krylon Artist's Workable Fixative spray.  Apply black glitter glue to the numbers you wish to highlight.

In the photo about you can see the metallic silver sides and the dimension of the glitter glue.

Make a folded card from black cardstock while you wait for the glitter glue to dry on the domino.
To create the mini numbers collage background ink up the back of the template with Versamark Watermark ink.  Apply the ink directly to the template with the ink pad and be as generous as possible with the ink so the template is nice and wet.  Lay the template ink side down onto the black cardstock and cover the template with a piece of paper towel to protect your brayer.  Roll the brayer across the template multiple times with a nice even firm pressure.  Apply silver Perfect Pearls powder to the wet ink.

 I've been experimenting with Crafter's Workshop Templates for Blockheads Paper Arts' design team using various products to create interesting backgrounds and effects.  I've got a few projects up on my blog at Leigh SB Designs if you want to check them out too!

Emboss a piece of semi-glossy black cardstock with a Cuttlebug numbers embossing folder.  Cut a narrow panel and then apply a light coat of metallic silver Rub-ons cream to the embossed numbers and to all four edges of the panel.

Adhere the embossed panel to the card front with double-sided tape.  Add a metallic silver border sticker down the left hand side of the card leaving a narrow black border on the outer edge.

Adhere the domino to the card front with glue dots.

Embellish the upper portion of the card with silver cord wrapped around the card three times and tied in a knot.  Finish off with silver beads and knot the ends of the cord.

I put some thought into how I designed this card and you might have noticed that I emphasized certain numbers in subtle ways ;0)  The number 3 is important - I used 3 different surfaces, the cord is wrapped 3 times, the large number 3 is prominent, 2 x 3 = 6 and 3 x 3 = 9.  Which also picks up on the 2 and 9 on the domino, the 2 on the background panels and the 2 beads.  The number 5 is also prominent...how you are wondering?  Well 2 + 3 = 5 and also 1 - 6 = 5 of course, which you can see on the right hand side of the card ;0)  The domino itself is significant coz 2 + 9 = 11.  The number 11 has followed my sister around her entire life and hence has become an important number in our family and certain things have happened on that date or time in recent years and that's why I chose to use that part of the stencil!

I really enjoyed making this project and hope you will enjoy creating your own Stencil inspired artwork and enter your projects in the D'ART Stenciling Technique challenge!

Domino Hugs!

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