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Friday, February 8, 2013

Romancing the DominoART starts Feb 14th! Need players!

Hello Dominoians!
It's time for our Romancing the DominoART event!

Initially this was planned to start Feb 1st but unfortunately I've had sporadic internet access and then nothing at all for over two weeks, urgh!  But the issue has been sorted out and I'm eager to get things going...finally :0)

So I'm now putting the call out for Romantic Players who are willing to put their hearts on their altered game pieces ;0)  The plan is to feature 14 days of Romantic altered game art but because its now such short notice we'll see what happens.  Even if we just have a week or a few days of LOVE I'll be happy!

I will be awarding a DominoART Treat and a snazzy winners blog badge to my favourite altered game piece :0)

I've already received some creations...THANK YOU SO MUCH, you will be hearing from me in the next few days to let you know I did get them eventually!!!

 Everyone is welcome to play regardless of your level of stamping or domino altering experience.  So who wants to play in our annual Romancing the DominoART event? 

1.   Email me to sign-up (email located on my profile page).  You are welcome to share more than one piece too!

2.  Make your Valentine/Love/Romance themed DominoART creation and email me your photo as soon as possible and please provide all stamp credits and a materials list with your photo.  I'm not assigning days this time and will share your art as I receive them.

3.  You can use any Dominoes or domino-like game tiles for your creations.  You can incorporate any other game related paraphernalia into your creation like playing cards and puzzle pieces, etc!

4.  You can make cards, tags or ATCs with the altered domino attached or DominoART magnets, jewelry pieces or you can just simply alter/decorate the domino!

5.  You can use rubber stamps, digital imagery and any stamping technique or altering method.

6.  Spread the word and grab our Romancing the DominoART blog badge for your blogs!

So who wants to celebrate our love of altered DominoART with me?

Domino Hugs!


  1. Thank you Leigh, this is a wonderfulway to celerbrate the romance of Valentine!

  2. Beautiful card Leigh, lovely colours

  3. Fabulous. Hubby should enjoy.

  4. Hi leigh. Love that card its gorgeous

    I have send you an email. You will like the offer that's in it.
    Can you please answer me asap. Thank you

    Rick st dennis dt


Thank you so much for stopping by DominoART and leaving your kind comments! I truly appreciate hearing from you and don't hesitate to ask if you've got any questions too ;0)
Domino Hugs!
Leigh S~B

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