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Friday, April 19, 2013

DominoART Challenge #2: Week 4 of Alice Domino Books!

Hello Dominoians!
It's Friday again and we're in the middle of celebrating DominoART's 11th Birthday :0)
We've got a Doll Contest and a Scavenger Hunt happening right now!  Click the links for all the details!

And now for week 4 of the
 D'ART Challenge #2 
Alice in Wonderland Domino Books
generously sponsored by 

We've received some fabulous entries already and if you're just joining us for the first time today here's the scoop!  Rick St Dennis is sponsoring us again this month but this time round is even more special because he designed this Alice in Wonderland digi kit especially for DominoART in celebration of our 11th Birthday (more about our bday celebrations coming soon so stay tuned)!  Rick has provided us with a special discount code, use ALICEspecial13 to get 20% off his new fabulous Alice Domino Book Kit!  Click the pic below to go shopping and don't forget to use coupon code ALICEspecial13!

The challenge is to create Domino Books using Rick's digi Alice Domino Book Kit!  You MUST use real dominoes for the book covers and you can combine other imagery and embellishments too.  Any dominoes will work if you're able to re-size the images accordingly.  If cute really isn't your style then you are welcome to creep them up!  The digi pages include two stories:  Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  You can make your books double sided or just pick one of the stories to use, it is totally up to you!  This challenge will end April 24 at 7pm PST so you've still got time to enter!
I know some might not like the fact that you have to buy the images this time round, I promise that this won't be the case for my other challenges and I really think that the awesome prize up for grabs makes up for it especially if you're a huge Alice in Wonderland fan!  Also, adding the Alice domino book kit to your digi collection is a plus coz you can do plenty with it and aren't limited to just making books with them...you can alter and edit the images for future use in many of your other projects too!  So I really hope you'll play in this one :0)

 To celebrate DominoART's Birthday the winner of Challenge #2 will win a complete set of Rick St Dennis' Randi Dandi Alice images!  This set includes Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Dum, Caterpiller, Door Mouse and possibly a few more might make it in by the end of the month!  I do declare...that's one truly fabulous prize!!!!!!

Looking ahead to Challenge #3 I hinted last week that the featured game will have pictures of royalty on them...did you figure it out?  It will be Playing Cards of course ;0)
You'll be creating with Playing Cards and the theme will be scary coz for May we are celebrating Half-O-Ween ;0)  Click the link if you'd like to participate in our 15 Days of Half-O-Ween event

For this final week of Challenge #2 we've got 2 Alice Domino Books to inspire you!

First up is a fabulous Alice Square Domino book by DominoARTist Val S!

This time Val has used the 'Falling Alice' image for her covers and the 'Through the Looking Glass' pages.  Stop by ValsCraftings for more info on Val's book!

I'm sharing another one of my books today too.  Last week I made a book with Doublecross Dominoes and my theme was 'Down the Rabbit Hole'.  This time I've made a vintage Alice illustration book with vintage Spinner dominoes and the 'Alice' image for my covers and the 'Through the Looking Glass' pages for my book.

I also used the pips (that's what the dots are called) side of the dominoes for my book covers and put the brass Spinner back in after adhering the cover images.

Stop by my blog, Leigh S-B Designs, for more details about my domino book!

If you haven't made a domino book before then check out the tutorial on Monique's blog too!
Monique co-created the design of the Alice domino book with Rick.

Now it's your turn!  I can't WAIT to see your entries!!!
Submit your entries via the inlinkz collection in the WEEK ONE post! 

 Have a fabulous weekend and stay tuned for more about our Birthday Celebrations Bash and for more Rick St Dennis fun stop by his blog too!

All of DominoART's Challenges will have the following guidelines with some simple rules!
  • New Challenges start on Fridays
  • Challenges will run for 3 weeks to give you plenty of time to play
  • One Winner and a Top 3 will be announced when the next challenge starts
  • Entries must follow the challenge theme
  • Entries must use the specified game pieces
  • You can enter a max of 5 pieces per challenge, in separate posts please
  • There is no limit to how many other challenges you can combine your entries with 
  • List the DominoART challenge with a link in your blog post
  • No back linking - your project must be posted on your blog on or after the challenge start date
  • Add your entry to the inlinkz collection below with a direct link to your post, not your blog home page!
  • Please leave a comment after you link up!
  • Don't have a blog?  Share via photo sharing sites and Facebook pages and include the challenge tag, eg: DART#2, then link up via the inlinkz collection below!  I must be able to see your project photos so make sure they're public!
Domino Hugs!


  1. I like how you used the pip sides this time. Fabulous .

  2. Another lovely Domino Book, I just love your work

  3. I have been hunting through the Blog from 2011 to current 2013....I have enjoyed looking again at all the wonderful artwork done from all the very tallented ladies!!


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