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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Scavenger Hunt!

Today we are celebrating the founding of the original DominoART Yahoo group on this day 11 years ago, WOW!  I'm so happy that the world of altered game art is still going strong!

In celebration two events are taking place today!
The Dominique Scavenger Hunt and the Members Lottery!

I will do a random lottery drawing of all the members of the Yahoo group including all the members of the blog and award one lucky DominoART member with a DominoART Treat!  The Members Lottery will take place later today so if you haven't 'followed' us yet here you might want to get in quick ;0)

Up next is the Dominique Scavenger Hunt which starts promptly at 10:30am PST!
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I'm busy hiding eleven photos of our two current Dominique Dolls, Domino Dominique and her mini me, Queen Dominique.  The first person to find all ELEVEN Dominique Dolls and leaves a comment on this post with a list of where each one is hiding is the winner!
These are the 2 photos you are looing for!

This is going to be a toughie coz they could be ANYWHERE on the blog ;0)  The winner will receive a complete set of Rick St Dennis' Randi Dandi Alice images!  I will be watching and waiting but if no one finds all 11 by this time next week I will give the prize to the person who found the most!
The Scavenger Hunt might take a few days or just a few hours so get hunting ;0)

Before you dash off to start hunting I just want to remind you all about the Dominique Doll contest and the D'ART Challenge #2 Alice Domino Books!  Both are happening right now!  Also you might have noticed the scary scarecrow at the top of the blog ;0)  I'm now taking sign-ups for the 15 Days of Half-O-ween event!

Happy Hunting ;0)

Domino Hugs!


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  2. happy B-day DART! I think I found them all...maybe not but if there are 2 in one pic does that count?

  3. Nope, all 11 pics are individual photos of the girls so the banner and also the Facebook badge doesn't count either ;0)


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