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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: Poison, An Acquired Taste by Leigh Snaith-Brunton - The Sharpie Domino Queen!

Welcome back to DominoART for
Day 5 of our 31 Days of Halloween Scarefest!

 Our mammoth blog hop with Smeared and Smudged is well underway and we're all having a frightfully good time, shattered already, but loving it!  We're suckers for punishment over at the Smeared & Smudged forum that's for sure, that blog roll that goes on for miles over there on my right side bar proves it LOL!  Want to join the month long freak show then hop to Terra's blog for all the Smeared and Smudged event deets!

 Thank you for all the wonderful comments you left for my featured artist yeasterday :0)

My Wicked Players schedule is shaping up nicely over there on the left side bar but there's still plenty of days open if you'd like to play!  The more the scarier so I'd love to feature your altered game art here on DominoART!  All the deets you need to know can be found here!

Now for Day 5's project by Leigh S-B aka The Sharpie Domino Queen, yep, that's Me ;0)
I've got another skellie ornament for you but this time I altered a Bendomino game piece!  It looks and feels like a domino that just got a bit bent out of shape ;0)

Poison, An Acquired Taste
not everyone can handle it apparently!

Skellie Bedomino Hanging Ornament by Leigh S-B

Material used
Bendomino - yes that is a real game
Voodoo stamp: Smeared Ink Rubber Club exclusive stamp by Rick St Dennis
 Aug 2013 past offering now available to the public!
Grid stamp: Quoth the Raven - Smeared Ink Rubber Club 
Feb 2013 past offering which is now available to the public!
Skeleton - altered Halloween decoration re-painted with
Krylon Satin Black spray paint and Aleene's acrylic paint
Assorted Sharpie markers -
used in my signature Sharpie Domino Queen style
Black Archival Ink

Brilliance Tiramisu tri-colour pearlescent ink pad
 Tim Holtz Idea-ology Paper Tape
Delta Ceramcoat matte varnish
Melted candle wax
E6000 industrial adhesive

See you again tomorrow for Day 6!
You're next stop on the hop is Steph
Domino Hugs!


  1. EEEK! How fun and spooky! that Bendomino is just fabulous! Love your imagination. xxD

  2. Amazing! What a cool bendomino, never heard of them before but now I think I need to find some :) Love the the drips and the fab colors.

  3. You are indeed the Queen.
    Another game I did not know existed.
    I am glad you told us it was wax. I was thinking hot glue.

  4. I love it I love it I want it. I must have it. : ) wonderfully executed. Go sharpies

  5. Another great piece of artwork...the Sharpie pens are so vibrant!

  6. Leigh, another awesome altered game piece! I love the candle wax! This wonderful project is why I want to be a member but the emails keep getting me turned down:( I really wanna play! Lol. Back to your fab ornament...still chuckling about poison not agreeing with everyone! Brilliant!

  7. Bendominoes! Love it - will have to look for that game, sounds fun! I love your altered piece and the wax on the skeleton is perfect finishing touch! Fab! Mo x

  8. Fun project, love the altered game piece covered in wax.

  9. A Great project, such a spooky skellie... great fun!

  10. OOO creepy domino skellie - Love!

  11. Love it - especially the drippy bits...

  12. This is sooo cool! It really looks as if some poison has warped the poor skellie's insides!

  13. That is unbelievably creepy and awesome at the same time. Love the dripping and pop of colour :)

  14. How awesomely creepy is this project. I am grossed out and awed and the same time.

  15. This is WICKED cool! Who has ever heard of a Bendomino? Not me! You really are top notch domino crafter!!


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Domino Hugs!
Leigh S~B

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