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Friday, March 27, 2015

DominoART Challenge #12 - "Dominoes to Dye For"

TGIF Dominoians!
Thank you for the 2 fabulous entries in DominoART's Harlequin Diamonds challenge, both are equally stunning!  Sadly not enough entries to award a prize so I'm inviting you both to be a Guest Designer on DominoART!  Please email me for more info if you'd like to do it ;0)

It's now time for DominoART's next challenge

 DominoART Challenge #12 is
"Dominoes to Dye for"

This theme has always been a fan favourite!  
I challenge you to DYE your dominoes using only the Egg Dye kits sold for colouring eggs!  So dash on out to your grocery store and grab a few different kinds before they're gone for another year!  

5+ entries required to win a prize!  For 5 entries or less I'm now offering Guest Designer spots to the stamper of my fave projects!

 I used a couple of brand new shiny dominoes and some that had been soaked in a bleach bath to remove the shiny surface.  There's so many different varieties of egg dye kits and I get different results each time.  This time I used the little dye tablets and some I dissolved in water and some in vinegar.  All were soaked for about half a day.  I also dripped dye directly onto a few and others I a toothpick to create the marbled patterns.  There's no right or wrong way to dye dominoes so just have fun and play around with the kits and see what results you get.

 I'll be sharing projects I made with my dyed doms over the next few weeks but you can pop on over to Smudgy Antics right now for a peek at Bunny Blue who will be featured here on DominoART April 1st!

I'm DYE-ing to see your challenge entries ;0)
Link them up below!

Domino Hugs!


  1. This is a FUN challenge creating colourful doms!

  2. Hi Leigh! Oh, gosh, I hope I get a chance to try this technique out! How clever--It looks like there's a bit of graininess to the finish--That's cool!!
    And I just also have to say--I knew I knew you from somewhere, other than LCD, and have been here to your blog before--it's from Altered Eclectics!! I know you through Elaine, so to speak :) I'm on her Eclectic Ellapu Purple DT :) I'll be visiting your Awesome blog regularly--you've got me excited about creating with dominos! I just love that!! :) Happy Friday!! XOXO-Shari

  3. I made my green harlequin domino and added my own drawing of a cup of tea and cookies and went to add it and you were closed for the month..missed it by that much! Added it to Altered Eclectics though thanks to you! Will be buying dye tomorrow so I won't miss this one! hugs~Nanette


Thank you so much for stopping by DominoART and leaving your kind comments! I truly appreciate hearing from you and don't hesitate to ask if you've got any questions too ;0)
Domino Hugs!
Leigh S~B

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