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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 29: Eye of Newt Domino Necklace by Kim R!

Welcome to Day 29 of DominoART's 
annual 31 Days of Halloween Scarefest 
and blog hop presented by Smeared Ink!

EEEEkkkkk!  Only 2 more sleeps 'til Halloween...and now I'm not actually sure if I'm going to go to sleep!  Boy do I have a story to share, skip this next paragraph if you have an aversion to MICE!

I woke up in the early hours yesterday morning to something TICKLING me and discovered a tiny MOUSE was CUDDLING with me IN MY BED!!!!!  It really was very cute and quite tame coz when I sat bolt upright and turned on the light it was still sitting there by my pillow checking me out!  I seriously couldn't believe my eyes!  It never moved when I shot out of bed and it snuggled against my pillow while I stood there pondering my options and when I returned from the bathroom with a container it had followed me and was sitting at the bottom of the bed studying me quite happily.  It then hopped and scampered around my bed a bit while I tried to catch it but I prevailed!  Hubby was away....so there's me holding a trapped mouse wondering what to do with it...I then went outside in my pjs and bare feet and walked about 20 yards up the road in the dark and let mousie go in the bushes with a stern warning not to return.  If he does I'm keeping him coz he was so darn cute and I shall name him Crumpet!

Back to today's featured project....If you've been hopping with us from the beginning then you arrived here via Sue and your next stop is Lost Coast Portal to Creativity.  If you just popped in for the first time today and want to know what all the excitement is about then you'll want to stop by Terra's blog.  The Smeared Ink Blog Hop roll is over there in my right hand side bar if you'd like to join the fun!  There's lots of sponsor prizes to be won each and every day!

Today's spooktacular featured project is by Kim R and she has an altered domino necklace for you!

Supplies used
black paint
push pin
Walnut Distress Ink
jewelry finding
Black leather necklace

See you again tomorrow for Day 30!

Domino Hugs!


  1. Love this piece - especially the font used and the jewelry piece inside the eye.

  2. OMG! I would have DIED! Jezebel brings mice in to play, but fortunately never on the bed. Now Goliath's catches are far less fortunate. EEEWWW!!!! Fabulous necklace by Kim. Gorgeous eye and I love the font and fibers. xxD

    1. My cats have brought in mice & live snakes before and I even found a dead mouse on my pillow once..thank you kitty, that was such a thoughful gift! But right now I'm still without a kitty cat, I hope to found a new furrbaby soon!

  3. Love the necklace today! That's quite a story about the mouse--I'm afraid I would have screamed like a little girl! Fortunately, with 5 cats in the house, I don't really have to worry about live mice finding their way in, although the kitties do bring in dead ones from time to time.

  4. As cute as Grumpet is, I would not want to wake up next to it ... It might be very dead Grumpet and very stressed Sari after that. Necklace is fabulous, love the font and the edges, brilliant piece.

  5. oh such a sweetie. He wanted to meet you.hahahaha Donna's comment made me laugh till I had tears.
    I agree love the font. Beautiful necklace by Kim.
    such a brave mouse.

  6. Wonder if Crumpet could be a pet that got loose from his home. they don't usually hang around people. Many years ago (more than I want to think) my father woke up with one in the bed with him but it ran as soon as he moved. He did catch it. I think he let it loose too. Don't know if it came back - hope Crumpet finds his way home or finds a new home. Love the eye.

  7. Eye of Newt & tale of Mouse... not to mention some mouse-fur round the domino :)

  8. Awesome necklace - love it - the twined edges are FAB xx
    Aww cute field mouse love it's name xx

  9. First, cute mouse story but I hope it doesn't come back.
    Inspired domino alteration. Great way to build an eye.
    I really like the texture of the hemp edging.

  10. Super domino necklace - love the textured edging! I read the mouse name as Grumpet...


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